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Suzhou Lecetek Ltd. Co, is a professional & authoritative third party inspection certification agency. Our specialized field includes: Electrical safety inspection, EMC Test, Reliability Test and Chemistry test. For all these above fields, we provide the test and the certification service Our company was built up on the < ISO/IEC Guide 65 and ISO/IEC 17025> guide line strictly, and we have already got the CNAS’ admission and the ILAC’s admission, the Serial Number: L9948, Meanwhile we have got the approval from CMA, and have been authorized from the UL, TüV Rheinland and ETL, all the international authorities..





Service items

Service items



One-stop testing platform.

Efficient and fast.

UL authorized laboratory

Experienced and Technical powerful.

Test capability and service efficiency  industry first.

Participate in design、rectification,  improve

the certification efficiency and pass rate.

Approved by CNAS.

Compared with large foreign institutions , the

cost of certification is more than 35%.

Customer focus to solve the problem.

International certification

International certification


01 ?China certification
02 ?European certification
03 ?Australia certification
04 ?North American certification
05 ?Japanese certification
06 ?Middle East certification
07 CB certification
08 ?Other countries certification
01 ?China certification

01  China certification

CCC Certification

Introduction: The full name of 3C certification is "compulsory product certification

system", which is a product implemented by Chinese government to protect the

personal safety and national security of consumers, strengthen product quality management and implement laws and regulationsConformity assessment system. The

so-called 3C certification, is China's compulsory product certification system, the

English name On December 3, 2001, a compulsory product certification system was released to the public It is the Chinese government in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and international rules, in order to protect the lives of consumers and animals and plants, the protection of the environment, protect national security, in accordance with the law A product conformity assessment system implemented.

CQC Certification

CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification services carried out by China Quality Certification Center. The certification of CQC mark indicates that the products comply with the relevant quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility certification Requirements, certification covering machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, building materials, more than 500 kinds of products。

02 ?European certification

02  European certification

CE certification:

CE, abbreviated from the French "Communate Europpene", is the meaning of the European Community. The European Community later evolved into the European Union (EU).

GS certification:

The meaning of GS is the German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (safety certified) and also "Germany Safety". GS certification to German Product Safety Law (SGS) as the basis, press

According to the European Union uniform standard EN or German industry standard DIN for testing a voluntary certification, the European market recognized the German safety certification mark.

RED certification:

On May 22, 2014, the EU official announced a new version of the wireless device directive RED 2014/53 / EU, which is based on the EU's new CE Framework Resolution 768/2008 / EC, which has been replaced by RED2014 / 53 / EU European Union Radio Equipment Directive R & TTE-D 1999/5 / EC.

ENEC certification:

The ENEC mark implies safety because it is based not only on type tests performed by a qualified certification body but also on the ongoing control of the manufacturer's production process.

03 ?Australia certification

03  Australia certification

SAA certification

SAA is the Standards Association of Australia Australia International Limited (SAI).

C-Tick certification

A / C-Tick is a certification mark issued by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) for communications equipment.

RCM certification

RCM Certification Applicable countries:

Australia, Nauru, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Micronesia (Federated States of), Tuvalu, New Zealand.

04 ?North American certification

04  North American certification

ETL certification

ETL is North America's most dynamic safety certification mark, dating back to 1896, Thomas Edison created the electrical test laboratory, has a wide range of visibility and recognition in North America.

MET certification

MET (MET Laboratories, Inc) is short for Maryland Electrical Testing. Founded in 1959 in Maryland (US headquarters), the first National Accredited Laboratory (NRTL). Engaged in hair products testing technology and certification.

CSA certification

CSA is short for Canadian Standards Association. In the North American market for the sale of electronics, appliances, sanitary ware, gas and other products need to obtain security certification.

FCC certification

FEDERAL COMMUNICATION COMMISSION: Federal Communication Commission, which regulates the import and use of radio frequency devices, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio receiving and transmitting equipment, radio remote control toys, telephones, personal computers As well as other products that may harm personal safety.

IC certification

Industry Canada certifies electronic products entering the Canadian market for IC certification and Canadian EMC certification mark.

Energy star

Energy Star, a U.S. government-led energy conservation program focused on consumer electronics.

05 ?Japanese certification

05  日本认证

PSE 认证

PSE认证(Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials),是日本政府针对电子电气产品实行的市场准入制度,是日本《电气产品安全法》(简称“电安法”DENAN)的重要内容。2001 年4 月1 日,日本修订了电安法,由METI (日本经济产业省) 管理,METI不直接颁发证书,而是授权第三方认证机构进行产品的符合性评估测试和签发证书。



省令1:日本国内标准 (已含EMI标准)

省令2: J 标准(不含EMI标准)=IEC标准+日本差异


06 ?Middle East certification

06  中东认证



2004年8月,根据沙特部长理事会决议以及沙特商贸部决议,沙特阿拉伯王国开始实施强制性产品符合性认证制度(Conformity Certificate for Goods exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia),2013年,沙特标准、计量与质量局(SASO)制订和审批了通过认可合作协议向出口到沙特阿拉伯的商品和产品颁发CoC的程序。



2003年3月17日起,科威特工业管理局(PAI: The Public Authority for Industry)实施了国际符合性认证计划(ICCP: International Conformity Certification Program),对进口科威特的产品进行符合性评定和确认,所有管制类的产品在进入科威特前必须获得由PAI 的授权机构签发的符合性证书(CoC, Certificate of Conformity),才能顺利通关。



根据以色列1953年《标准法》,以色列标准局(SII,The Standards Institution of ISrael)是以色列的官方标准机构。SII是一个非政府组织,但受以色列政府直接管理,在以色列工业、贸易和劳动部(工贸部)的领导下,负责标准制定、认证与产品检测,确保本国生产或进口的产品符合质量要求。

07 CB certification

07  CB认证


IECEE表示“The IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment” – “国际电工委员会电工产品合格测试与认证组织”。CB体系的正式名称是“Scheme of the IECEE for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electrical Equipment” – “IECEE电工产品测试证书互认体系”。CB体系的缩写名称意思是“Certification Bodies’ Scheme” – “认证机构体系”。




08 ?Other countries certification

08  其他国家认证



2012年9月7日,印度通讯与信息技术部(DEIT, Department of Electronics & Information




BSMI 是台湾经济部标准检验局的英文Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection 的缩写。从2005年7月1日起,进入台湾地区的产品要实行电磁兼容性和安规两个方面的监管。



KC 认证


KC(Korea Certification)认证旧称EK认证,是韩国电子电气用品安全认证制度,即KC标志认证,是韩国技术标准院(KATS)依据《电器用品安全管理法》(ELECTRIC APPLIANCES SAFETY CONTROL ACT)于2009年1月1日开始实施的强制性安全认证制度。




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